Caregiver Support

Caregiver Support

Caring for the caregiver!

Helping caregivers provide quality care for their loved ones, while maintaining a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

For most caregivers, the errands, tasks, and daily care they provide are rewarding and based on feelings of love and attachment to the person they are caring for. For most elders, the care they receive enhances their health and well-being and brings comfort, companionship, practical help, and safety.

However, caring for elders can be stressful at times, both physically and emotionally. Respite means "time off." Every caregiver needs time off and support from people who understand.

Caregiver Coaching & Counseling

Coaching and counseling to help family member develop caregiving skills, practice self-care and enrich their role as caregivers.

Caregiver Support Groups

A supportive network for caregiver to share experiences and information.

Kinship Caregiver Education & Support 

Workshops, classes and events inform and support kinship caregivers.

Respite Care Morning Out Groups

Morning Out respite groups provide social activities for seniors needing care and respite for caregivers.

Respite Care (In Home)

Short-term, non-medical respite services so family members can take some personal time.

Kinship Family Support Services

Information, support and education for grandparents and others raising relative children.

Lutheran Social Service of MN has been awarded a grant from the Minnesota Department of Veterans Affairs to help Veteran and military families throughout the state with contributions made through every purchase of a Support Our Troops License Plate.

Support Our Troops funds are being used by Lutheran Social Service of MN for providing in-home counseling and coaching for immediate family members caring for Veterans and/or Veterans caring for their family members.