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Available Host Home Providers

Host Homes are a great option for individuals looking for some independence in community with a healthy dose of family-style support. We carefully screen and select Host Home providers, all of whom are licensed foster care providers. Matches are based on mutual interests and compatibility. Our experienced team provides ongoing support and supervision — so everyone feels comfortable and supported.

A Host Home provider may be an individual, a couple or a family with children. What they all have in common is their commitment to opening their homes and hearts to welcome a person with disabilities into their family.

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Aitkin County
I am Stephanie Larson, and I am looking forward to support someone living their best life. It is important to me to try and make sure each person supported is living their best life, whatever that means to them. I have been a Host Home provider for about four and a half years. I would love to help a new person achieve their goals as much as I can, whether that means learning a new hobby or skill, getting a new job, or just getting out and interacting more.
Dodge County
My name is Brian Fangman, and I am opening my home in Kasson, Minnesota. We believe in kindness, hard work, and lending a helping hand to others. We have previously supported a person in our home, and we are looking forward to another chance to help someone experience a life that makes them happy. I am committed to working with you to understand your needs, help you define what other resources our community has to offer, and ensure that you will be set up for success!  
Grant County
We are Lisa and Mark Olson, and we are excited to open our home to some in need. Having both been involved in education, we are ready to open our home and support someone by each putting our best foot forward. We have the ability to support a person and wish to make the transition as easy as possible.
Hennepin County
I believe that people can grow and thrive when they feel accepted and are treated well. I have worked with Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota for many years, providing opportunities for individuals to develop the skills and knowledge they need to thrive. I look forward to opening my home and am excited to support someone to achieve the goals that matter most to them.
Morrison County
I want to provide a home where Deaf or Hard of Hearing individuals are able to communicate in their native language. I don’t want them to suffer in a world that does not offer full access to communication.
Morrison County
I have been an American Sign Language interpreter for over 25 years, and I know the value of clear communication. I have space to share in my home and I feel that giving Deaf or Hard of Hearing individuals a place where they can communicate is important.
Otter Tail County
Our family hopes to welcome an adult into our home who wants to live with a family who will support them in achieving their goals and dreams.
Pope County
We have cared for more than 80 children in our decade of foster parenting, and we are ready to support the physical, medical and emotional needs of any child who needs a loving home.
Ramsey County
A couple of ways that my family shows that we care are through respect, communication, listening to each other and sharing the things we have. But the most important thing is love! No matter who comes to our home, we will embrace and include this person in our family.
Ramsey County
My wife and I began this journey of helping those in need years ago, and I decided to continue this work after my wife passed. Supporting people with disabilities has been a part of my life for the past 10 years. I hope to share my experiences, listen with full intent, and provide a comfortable stability to someone who wishes to learn and grow.   
Todd County
It does not take much to make us happy. We have a lot of joy to share — it’s what makes us happy, and we look forward to sharing it with you! Family is very important to us, and we would love the chance to open our home to someone new so they could experience the support, encouragement and joy our family has to offer.
Wright County
The primary way we show we care is by meeting the basic needs of our kids and showing them love every chance we can. We hope that a new person in our home will become a part of our family and share this wonderful journey with us.
Wright County
We are Alvin and Sophie. We share our home with our two children, our teenage son and our preteen daughter. As a family, we are very caring, loving and flexible. We practice empathy by always trying to put ourselves in other peoples’ situations.