Meribo & Shanka Family

Meribo & Shanka Family

Dakota County
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Bishe and Nedi Ready to Provide a Supportive Home

We are Bishe and Nedi, and we are blessed with a large, multi-level home in Rosemount, Minnesota. It is about 20 minutes south of the Twin Cities. We share this home with our two young boys, as well as Nedi's father, but we have room for more! We have a lot of shared space in our home. The living room, dining room, backyard and full basement are available for all to use freely. The person we support would have their own private bedroom and bathroom. The room is already furnished with a queen bed and a dresser, and it gets a lot of light.

Becoming parents has helped us reframe our lives and consider how we can help our children learn about people. We enjoy board games, going to the movies, camping, swimming and are members of a local Lutheran church. Our family believes in being respectful and making time for one another. We try to greet each other every morning and say goodnight every night.

Most of our days start out slow and predictable. We like to have a big breakfast and then the kids usually play. In the summer, we might go on a family bike ride. Our neighborhood is beautiful and diverse. It is also close to shopping centers, parks and many walking and hiking trails.

Our family believes in the power of prayer, and it brings us much peace. We also believe in togetherness and the importance of self-care. Bishe loves to go running and play the guitar. We all enjoy spending time outdoors and take a couple camping trips every summer. 

We are here to support you with your dreams and goals. We know that this looks different for everyone. We are prepared to provide support with everything from medical care and appointments to community safety skills and beyond.

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This home is located in Rosemount, MN and licensed to support adults.