Reverse Host Home: Samantha

Reverse Host Home: Samantha

Itasca County
Woman wearing glasses and smiling, holding a small dog on her lap

Reverse Host Home: Artistic, outgoing Samantha looks forward to new adventures

Samantha is looking for a provider to move into her home to support her.

Samantha is kind-hearted and always looking out for the people in her life. She’s excited to welcome someone into her family home near Grand Rapids to support her with daily living needs and activities. 

Samantha is an outgoing person who loves to be around people and involved in activities. She is artistic and loves doing crafts. Her new provider would support her with hobbies like crafting, shopping and other activities in the community, like going to movies, garage sales and trying new things. Samantha also loves cooking new recipes and menu planning.

Her apartment is connected to her family’s large home on a corner lot just minutes from Grand Rapids. This four-bedroom home has an abundance of space. If the potential provider doesn't need more than two bedrooms, Samantha’s space would be just like a two-bedroom apartment. The rest of the home, where the provider’s living space would be, has two bedrooms. The bedrooms have furnishings that could be used by the new provider if needed.

The shared spaces in the larger home area include a dining room, deck with hot tub, large kitchen, and family room. This home is ready for a single person or a family to be part of Samantha’s journey. Samantha’s two dogs, Lucy and Bella, are also important members of the family!

Samantha didn’t have health issues until she was diagnosed with Friedreich’s ataxia (FA) at age 12. She has taken this disease head on and has never felt sorry for herself. FA affects her muscles, which includes her vocal cords, so she can be hard to understand if she tries to speak too quickly. Samantha also uses a wheelchair. Samantha’s parents have an accessible van that a provider could use for transporting her into the community.

Samantha’s next provider will be a great fit if they like to stay busy and active in the community.

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This home is located in Grand Rapids, MN.