Michael and Jill Troen Family

Michael and Jill Troen Family

Pope County
Photo of Jill and Michael Troen with the text "Supporting Children"

The Troens are Happiest Spending Time Together as a Family

We are Michael and Jill Troen. We share our home with our 11-year-old daughter and have three grown sons who have moved away from home to pursue their own careers.

We look forward to the opportunity to welcome a child into our lives and share the aspects of life we love the most — from playing board games or sitting around a toasty bonfire to swimming or going on camping trips. We are always open to trying new activities, and we would love to know more about what makes you happy.

We are happiest when we’re able to spend time together as a family or in nature fishing, going for walks or riding our bicycles. Our faith is a very important part of our lives, and we are active in our church.

Our home is located on 12 acres of land about five miles outside of Glenwood; our closest neighbor lives about a quarter-mile away. This rural environment offers us a quiet lifestyle raising our family — as well as our three yellow labs, two indoor/outdoor cats and our chickens.

The acreage we live on is a wooded area and features a large yard and small lake. Someone who moves into our home will have their own bedroom while our family shares common areas including a living room upstairs and family room in the basement. We share household tasks as a family.

Jill is a registered nurse. We have cared for more than 80 children in our decade of foster parenting. We are ready to support the physical, medical and emotional needs of any child who needs a loving home.

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This home is located in Glenwood, MN and licensed to support children.