Plamann Family

Plamann Family

Wright County
Plamann family with text reading "Supporting Adults"

Plamann family ready to help someone new enjoy a balanced family lifestyle

We are Jaime and Gary Plamann.  We have a passion for people and are excited to open our home to someone new. We live in a quiet neighborhood in Buffalo, Minnesota, that is only a few minutes from town. We also have a cabin in Darwin, Minnesota, that we enjoy spending time at during the summer. With all our kids off to college, we have a second story bedroom and bathroom available. 

We do our best to live every day to the fullest. We love our days at the cabin, where we can go on boat rides or just sit and watch the water. We would welcome the individual we support to join us at the cabin as often as they wish. Our household is very family-oriented, and we enjoy the simple things in life. 

We are all responsible for different chores within the home and work together to keep things clean. We would expect the individual that moves in to also take part in household responsibilities based on their capabilities and strengths.   

We are an active part of the disability community in Buffalo, as we own STRIVE Therapy Services Inc., which provides speech and occupational therapy services to individuals of all ages. We are happy to offer an opportunity for somebody to learn new skills and enjoy all that life has to offer. We have provided six years of child foster care in the past and have always considered the individual as part of our family. Now, we are excited to welcome an adult into our home and have the opportunity to share our gifts by offering to them a balanced family life.    

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This home is located in Buffalo, MN and licensed to support adults.