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My Neighbor is Not for Sale Guide

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My Neighbor is Not for Sale Discussion Guide

Designed to help your congregation understand the issue of child sexual exploitation and trafficking, My Neighbor is Not for Sale is a four-part guide designed for Adult Education sessions, Lenten studies and other groups.

Each session introduces you to a key topic to prevent child sexual exploitation, offers a Biblical response, and questions to discuss in your group.

This guide can be used in congregations nationwide to learn about sexual exploitation and trafficking, ending the demand and prevention.

My Neighbor Is Note For Sale coverEducation and awareness are key prevention measures in keeping children safe from harm. It is our sincere hope that congregations will use this resource to learn what action you can take to make a difference to protect all children and youth.

Download or Order the Guide

You may download and make copies of the complete study. Printed copies are also available for $4/booklet. Contact us to order copies.