Reverse Mortgage

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Understand Your Options

For some homeowners, a reverse mortgage agreement, that uses equity in a home to provide a source of income, can be helpful.

Our LSS financial counselors can offer impartial education and guidance to help you understand the pros and cons of obtaining a reverse mortgage. 

We can also support you in understanding the process if you choose to move forward. We provide the latest resources so that you can avoid possible scams and fraud schemes.

Contact Us & Get Started

If you would like to learn more about the services we provide or how to start receiving support, please call 888.577.2227, email us or complete our short contact form.

Our free and confidential services are available nationwide by phone. For in-person appointments view our office locations to find a location near you!

We have counselors who are fluent in English, Spanish and Hmong. Interpretation, Telecommunications Device for the Deaf (TDD), and TeleTYpe (TYY) services are available as needed.

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Phone, Virtual or In-Person Appointment

Call 888.577.2227 to schedule a phone or virtual appointment at a time convenient for you. Or set up an in-person appointment at one of our Minnesota or Wisconsin locations.

Please note: to limit the spread of the coronavirus, we are currently offering phone appointments. We will reintroduce in-person appointments at a later date.

Please note: we do not provide retirement planning services or investment advice.


Check to see if you are eligible by using a reverse mortgage calculator.

To qualify for a reverse mortgage, you must:

  • Be 62 years of age or older
  • Own the property outright or have a small mortgage balance
  • Occupy the property as your principal residence
  • Not be delinquent on any federal debt
  • Participate in a consumer information session given by an approved Home Equity Conversion Mortgage counselor

Availability & Fees

The fees for reverse mortgage counseling are listed below. Because of current grant funding, the reverse mortgage counseling fees for residents of Minnesota are waived at this time.

Minnesota Residents:

Fee waived.

Non-Minnesota Residents:

We are no longer able to provide Reverse Mortgage Counseling to non-Minnesota residents.

What do I need for counseling?

In order for your financial counseling session to be most productive, it is helpful to have the following information available:

  • Your monthly income
  • Typical monthly expenses
  • Statements from your creditors.
  • Any other information you believe would be helpful in understanding your financial situation.

Don't have everything? Don't worry. Call us and we help guide you through the process.