January 2023 News

December 2022 News

Dec 30

Dan Park, financial counseling supervisor for LSS Financial Counseling, recently won the National Foundation for Credit Counseling's Credit Counselor of the Year award, honoring outstanding accomplishments and excellence in promoting consumer financial health. Read the Star Tribune story about how he supported Julie with free financial counseling that put her on a path toward financial health and homeownership.

Dec 17
Check out the recent radio interview on ways to plan and prepare for holiday spending with Shannon Doyle, LSS Financial Education Program Manager.
Dec 15
Vasa Children’s Home, where Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota traces its 157-year history, first served as an orphanage and then a children’s home for youth with disabilities who now live in more individualized community settings. In November, Lutheran Social Service opened a new production kitchen on its campus to meet a growing need to provide healthy breakfasts, lunches and snacks to children and youth through schools, after-school programs and day cares. “We’ve come full circle and are so excited to be offering this new service in the region,” said Kristin Quenzer, senior director of LSS Meals. “There is such a tremendous need to provide healthy nutrition to children and youth in Greater Minnesota.
Dec 15

It is estimated that 1 out six or 736,000 Minnesotans provide regular assistance for a friend or family member who has a health problem, a long- term illness or a disability. Caregivers have a high level of stress, higher instances of depression and anxiety and often experience isolation. Listen in to a short interview on the challenges of caregiving and supportive services that are available to help through Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota.

Dec 13

StreetWorks, a service of Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota, received generous donations of socks and other warm gear from paramedics at Hennepin EMS to help youth experiencing homelessness avoid frostbite and other health issues during these cold winter months. Learn about this outreach effort on KSTP-TV and how you can help.

Dec 7
While there are 32,230 credit counselors nationwide, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Dan Park sets the gold standard. Park, financial counseling supervisor for LSS Financial Counseling in Saint Paul, has won the National Foundation for Credit Counseling’s Credit Counselor of the Year award, honoring outstanding accomplishments and excellence in pursuit of consumer financial health.

November 2022 News

Nov 23

How You Can Help Youth on their own who are experiencing homelessness are less visible in our community. Most are sleeping on a friend's couch, in their cars, or camping in tents for shelter -- which can be lonely and scary. This holiday season, tune in to the KTIS Radio interview with Karen Kingsley at LSS to learn how LSS is reaching out and supporting these youth and what you can do to help.

Nov 21
Most Americans start their holiday shopping by October 31. Depending on which source you consider, the average American household spends somewhere between $1,000 and $1,500 on the holidays — a figure that includes gifts, food, outfits, events, and dining out. With higher inflation this year, it’s a good time to start thinking about holiday spending decisions to avoid stress caused from overspending, said Shannon Doyle, financial education program manager for LSS Financial Counseling, a service of Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota.