December 2023 News

Dec 19

Caregivers who provide 24/7 caregiving can quickly find themselves overwhelmed by care needs and are at greater risk for burnout that can impact a person’s ability to care for their loved ones. Volunteer caregivers can play an important role by providing a much-needed break to caregivers. Tune in to KROX Radio with LSS Director Neal Hines to learn more about the Caregiver Support & Respite service, how you can help and how this service might be able to assist your family. 

Dec 14

Joanne Larson didn’t realize she was even looking for a new career path when she learned about Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota’s Host Homes service through her sister. Zachary Johnson lives in an LSS Host Home, where he receives customized, one-on-one support from a provider in a family-style environment. After learning more about Zachary and his family, Joanne got to thinking. “I’m sitting at this job that I didn’t really care about, and I said to myself, ‘I think I could probably do this.” Read their story in the Aitkin Independent Age.

November 2023 News

Nov 22

There’s an urgent need for child foster families – and adoptive homes as well. In 2022, 11,235 children in Minnesota experienced out-of-home care.  For children who left out-of-home placement, 20 percent were adopted by families, according to the Minnesota Department of Human Services.  

Keatha and Dan McLeod, who knew of the great need to provide a safe, healing home for children, served as foster parents for 20 years. 

Nov 16

Helen Kellerman understands the importance of volunteering and the positive impact it can have on the older adults she supports. 

As a volunteer caregiver for Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota, she visits Tom for a few hours a week to provide Maggie, Tom’s wife and caregiver, with a break from the daily demands of caregiving. 

October 2023 News

Oct 30
Payments on federal student loans resumed in October after a 3-year pause. More than 800,000 people in the state of Minnesota have federal student loan debt. That debt, combined with state and private loans, according to the Minnesota Office of Higher Education, has made the median loan for student borrowers in Minnesota nearly $24,000. Jazz88’s Peter Solomon spoke with Kim Miller, financial counselor at LSS Financial Counseling, about what borrowers can do to become informed about loan servicers, repayment options, getting out of default, and where to obtain free financial counseling.
Oct 24

A new preschool will be opening next fall on St. Paul’s East Side that will offer an extra measure of support to parents and additional care and attention in the classroom to empower children with developmental delays and emotional challenges to be successful in the learning and social environment of a school.