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Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota (LSS) holds a partnership with Saint Paul Public Schools through Ramsey County’s Child Welfare Services Racial Disparities Initiative. This partnership is called the Ramsey County Community Liaison program (RCCL). This program allows for LSS case managers to work in identified schools with higher numbers of families experiencing barriers to success and school engagement. RCCL case managers provide individual case management services to address these barriers, such as school absenteeism, poverty, homelessness and other risk factors associated with child maltreatment. These services include advocacy, client-centered crisis intervention, information and resource referral and basic needs support. LSS prides itself in a wraparound service model that seeks to collaborate with schools, community organizations and government entities to support families.

If children with high numbers of unexcused absences or the barriers mentioned above are identified by the school staff, then families will be approached about their interest in the program. If they voluntarily agree, a referral is made to the RCCL program. Once a family is referred, LSS case managers begin outreach efforts to families, assessing for barriers and needs and intervenes with case plans that provide support and resources to eliminate those barriers to school attendance.

Reasons for a Referral:

  • Inconsistent or no attendance in school  
  • Disengagement from school community
  • Family experiencing a crisis that threatens basic needs, housing and/or network of support  
  • Families effected by the global COVID-19 pandemic
  • Systemic oppression, racism and social injustices adversely impacting family

Services Available Through RCCL Program with LSS:

  • Attendance monitoring
  • Educational advocacy
  • Bridging gaps between caregivers and school
  • Resource referrals (Employment, Behavioral Health Needs, Housing, Bridging, etc.)

To Make a Referral

Please email esa@lssmn.org



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