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Caregiver Virtual Services

Stay Connected and Reduce Stress with Virtual Services

When you are caring for a loved one it can be challenging to get the support you need. Our many virtual services can help! Virtual services are offered through phone calls and video chats. We are taking every precaution to minimize exposure to COVID-19 while continuing to offer essential resources that support your well-being. 

How It Works:woman on tablet

  • Contact us to talk about your caregiving situation and needs
  • Receive training for your caregiving needs
  • Connect online at home, on the go or at work during your lunch break


  • Reduce stress by talking on the phone with others
  • Stay connected and reduce isolation via video chat through a smart phone and/or tablet; tablets are available to borrow through the technology program
  • Find free online discussion and support groups
  • Solve problems, grow your caregiving skills, access resources and practice self-care
  • Maintain a healthy balanced lifestyle while providing care for your loved one

Virtual Services Available

Caregiver Coaching

Goal setting, skill development, boundary setting, and  finding resources.


Coping skills development, managing stress and making difficult decisions.

Caregiver Support Groups

Caregiver training, education and peer support.

Caregiver Training & Education

Tools to increase self-care and your confidence to handle difficult situations, emotions and decisions.

Emergency Planning for Caregivers

Creates a plan in case a crisis or emergency happens.

Telephone Reassurance

Ongoing phone check-ins provide a caring connection and support for caregivers at home and their loved ones.

Powerful Tools for Caregivers

A six-session course that focuses on the needs of caregivers.

REACH Training

A four-session course that improves skills and increases knowledge for those caring for someone with Alzheimer’s.

*Please note: some services may require an income-based cost share.


Caregiver Support & Respite

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