Joyce Hawkins

Joyce Hawkins

Hennepin County
Photo of Joyce Hawkins with banner reading "Supporting Adults."

Joyce Hawkins ready to use her years of experience to support someone in need

My name is Joyce Hawkins, and I am excited to welcome somebody into a supported sanctuary in the heart of the city. I have lived in my townhome in Minneapolis for nine years. We are close to many amenities, from recreation, entertainment, shopping and parks. The city bus travels right outside my front door, and you can enjoy swimming in the complex’s outdoor pool during the summer. This part of town can be busy, but the community itself is rather quiet, respectful, and considerate of all.

My townhome has two levels. The available bedroom and bathroom are located on the main level. Feel free to add your own unique flair to your personal space. We would share the kitchen, living room and dining room, which are all located on the main level. Responsibilities in these spaces will be considered according to capabilities. 

I recognize that everyone needs space and time to come into a new situation. My family has always welcomed everyone and their needs. They always rise to the occasion to lift each other up. Cherishing each moment, remaining thankful for my many blessings, celebrating the diversity around me, and being a good steward of my resources are all morals by which I strive to exemplify in this life that has been graciously given to me. 

Supporting somebody to reach a goal that they never thought they could, makes my heart happy.  Relaxation, for me, is enjoying a book and some coffee. I am always striving to improve myself in ways to better serve those around me. My goal as a Host Home provider is to offer a safe and peaceful environment, access to community resources, and person-centered support.

For the greater part of my life, I have supported individuals with disabilities on both a personal and professional level.  I have worked as a House Coordinator for LSS for many years and am now ready to take my career to the next level, by using my blessings and skills to help somebody achieve their goals and dreams.

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This home is located in Minneapolis, MN and licensed to support adults.