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Host Homes for People with Disabilities

Nurturing & Supportive Family-Style Living


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LSS Host Homes for People with Disabilities provide the benefits and enjoyment of living in a family home with the support to lead an independent life in community. Our experienced staff are on-call 24/7 to support Host Home families and provide supervision so everyone feels comfortable and supported.

Customized Living Options for Both Adults and Children

Adults and children with disabilities, their families, the host home provider and LSS work collaboratively to design and implement a customized plan for day-to-day living based on each individual’s unique needs and preferences.

Unlike a traditional group home environment, the maximum number of people served through the host home model is two — allowing for a more flexible lifestyle for everyone.

Personal Attention

Host Home providers offer personal attention in a nurturing home setting to support the individual’s development of social skills, money management, home economic and time management skills and semi-independent living skills.

Host home family with person they support

Community Engagement

By living with a family, a person with disabilities has the opportunity to participate in all desired aspects of family and community life.

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Therapeutic Host Homes

Offering family-style 245D services for children and youth with disabilities who require out-of-home care.