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Financial Opportunity Center

Financial Opportunity Center

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Achieve Your Career & Financial Goals 

Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota's Financial Opportunity Center (FOC) service can support you in advancing your career and financial goals so you can achieve success.

The FOC consists of three main service components:

Employment Triangle

We can equip you with the tools to you reach your goals by:

  • Providing one-to-one employment and financial coaching services.
  • Assessing skills and connecting to training opportunities including, certificates, industry-recognized credentials, exams, licenses and more.
  • Connecting you to resources that remove barriers to training or job search success.


Get Customized Support

For more information or to enroll, email FOC@lssmn.org or call 651.529.8851


Financial Opportunity Centers® (FOCs) are career and financial coaching service centers that help families living on a low- to moderate-income build effective money habits and focus on the financial bottom line. LISC, the Local Initiatives Support Corporation has a network of more than 100 FOCs across the country, embedded in local community organizations that are trusted, known for their history of providing quality services, and convenient to where people live and seek out services