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How can I pay off my credit cards faster? Connect my aging parents to help they need? Keep my kids safer on the Internet? Prepare myself well to make a smart home purchase? Tune in to Daily Living every Monday at 7:10 a.m. on KBEM-FM (Jazz 88.5) in the Twin Cities when special guests from Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota will share insightful guidance and solutions for everyday life. You can find and listen to specific show segments you are interested in below!

If you live outside the Greater Twin Cities area, you can listen to KBEM-FM through live streaming.


August 2020

July 2020

Jul 13

Sarah Northrup is a program coordinator with Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota’s Training and Education Center. On this segment of Daily Living, Sarah discusses how Covid-19 has affected job-hunting and offers tips for video interviews and making the most of resources like LinkedIn.  


Listen to Sarah's interview here. 

Jul 6

April Sanderson, a consumer credit counselor with LSS Financial Counseling, offered helpful tax advice just in time for the extended tax filing deadline July 15.

“Tax time is such a great time, just like the beginning of the year, to set those resolutions and reevaluate what you want to do any where you want to be throughout the year,” April said.

Listen to April's interview at KBEM. 

June 2020

Jun 30

Every 10 years, the federal government conducts a national census to ensure each person living in the United States is accurately counted and represented. Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota (LSS) is an official partner of the 2020 Census. Erin Sutton, senior director of Advocacy at LSS, discusses how an accurate count affects Minnesotan communities. 

Listen to the interview here. 

Jun 22

Kim Dettmer is senior director of Disaster Services and Camp Noah with Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota (LSS). As Minnesota approaches tornado season, Kim discusses the impact disasters can have on children and how LSS works to help children build resiliency, confidence and security after experiencing a disaster.

Listen to the interview at KBEM. 

Jun 15

Alissa Dott is senior director of Host Homes, which provides the benefits and enjoyment of living in a family home with the support to lead an independent life in community. On this segment of Daily Living, Alissa discusses how her service empowers people with disabilities and offer a meaningful experience to the families who open their homes. 


Listen to the interview at KBEM. 


May 2020

May 25

On Memorial Day, we want to honor and lift up all military members and their families who have died and served our country. We owe a them our deep gratitude. Andy Qualy, program director with LSS CORE Veteran’s Program, shares how the Minnesota Department of Veterans Affairs has teamed up with LSS to help members of the military transition back into civilian life and address unique challenges they and their families face.

Listen to the Interview on KBEM.