What Makes a Good Employee Assistance Program?

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A good Employee Assistance Program (EAP) can attract great employees, inspire loyalty to your company, and improve the success of your business. By supporting your employees for success both in and outside the workplace, you show that good business sense starts with taking care of the people who make your business run.

Your EAP should provide team members with commonly needed supports that enhance coping with life’s challenges. Such supports can include a range of free or reduced cost options, including confidential assessments, mental health counseling and referrals for legal advice. Common issues that impact employee performance include stress, grief, family challenges, substance use and financial concerns.


Is your EAP offering options that your team needs to help address life’s challenges?


Here’s how to determine what makes a good EAP provider:

  • You feel like your provider is on your side — a part of your team.
  • EAP options should be tailored to your company’s needs, including both services and pricing.
  • Your EAP provider should be curious about your industry, workforce culture and employee challenges to best understand which options will work for your organization.
  • Your EAP provider is willing to collaborate and lead brainstorming sessions to create the best plan tailored for your company.
  • The network of service offerings and provider options is robust, with options from which your employees may choose.
  • Employees are made aware of what’s available to them with flyers, newsletters and interactive promotional materials.
  • Quality assurance processes and satisfaction metrics are transparent. Transparency assures that you achieve the service you envision for your employees.  
  • Your employees have the option to self-refer to offered EAP services; this can help EAP services feel more accessible to your employees.
  • When a supervisor refers an employee, your EAP case manager follows through to the closure of the case.
  • Offered options include flexibility such as meeting with counselors face-to-face or via telehealth. Double check to make sure your EAP provider offers flexible options such as these.

NuVantage tailors EAP offerings specifically for you

At NuVantage you will have a partner that addresses any personal challenges your team may be facing to assure your company’s employees experience well-being and remain productive. You are the expert of your work culture, and we want to learn all about it to match our services with your employees’ needs. With the support of a good EAP service, employee turnover rates may decrease and job satisfaction increase.

Employment-related studies demonstrate that employees who experience overall wellness and life satisfaction are more productive, have better attendance, and use fewer health insurance benefits. Our goal is to help your employees live satisfying lives, which will ultimately enhance the effectiveness of your business operations.

Let us work with you to create a program that can be easily embedded within any employee benefit package.

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