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Online Learning Opportunities

Online Learning Opportunities

LSS Kinship Support Services understands that accessing learning opportunities when caring for a family can be difficult.

Below are three free online learning opportunities that provide kinship caregivers with resources to understand the kinship family experience, its challenges, and how to support the health and wellness of caregivers and children.

You will receive a certificate of completion once you’ve finished each training.

Free Online Webinars:

  • Kinship Care: Focus on the Children is designed for kinship caregivers and others who are interested in learning an overview of kinship care. Explore who a kinship caregiver is, as well as why and how children come to be in kinship care. We also cover the impacts, benefits and challenges of kinship care, resources and support for children and caregivers, and strategies for supporting children — especially those affected by trauma.
  • Hard Start, Bright Future is designed for kinship caregivers and others who interact with children being raised by family members and friends. This training can be completed in just over a half an hour. It includes valuable information about early childhood brain development, as well as tips for caregivers to foster healthy development and attachment with children who have experienced loss and trauma.
  • Kinship and Relative Adoption: What You Need to Know is designed for kinship caregivers and others who are interested in learning about foster care and kinship/relative adoption. Join us in exploring how children come into foster care, the reasons for placing children with relatives and kin, the right time to provide foster care and/or become a permanency option for a child, and other helpful services and supports.

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