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Kinship & Relative Adoption

Kinship & Relative Adoption: What You Need to Know

This webinar will explore:

  • How children come into foster care
  • The reasons for placing children with relatives and kin
  • Determine if this is the right time to provide foster care and/or become a permanency option for a child
  • Options to support a child in foster care
  • Helpful services and supports for children during and after foster care
  • Challenges and ideas to help make the families’ experience smoother
  • An adoptive relative’s experience

Please fill out this form below to participate in this one hour and 15 minute long webinar designed for kinship caregivers and others who are interested in learning about foster care and kinship/relative adoption.

Presenters are: Janet Salo, Family Support Specialist at Kinship Family Support Services; Diane Stang, Supervisor of Foster Care and Adoption, Dakota County; Heidi Wiste, Director of Domestic Adoption, Children’s Home Society and Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota; and Rebecca, an adoptive parent.

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