Wright County Area Child Care Provider for Families Experiencing a Crisis

At LSS Crisis Nursery we understand that to provide a safe and nurturing home environment, there are times when parents can benefit from additional support. Parents dealing with emergencies or crises such as sudden illness, housing problems, divorce or separation, or financial strains may need time alone to resolve the crisis. LSS Crisis Nursery provides short-term, emergency child care for children age 12 and younger. Emergency care requests vary from a few hours to 72 hours.

LSS Crisis Nursery places children with licensed providers – home child care, foster care and child care centers. Providers are contacted when a family requests care and accept placements based on the needs of the Crisis Nursery child and the other children in their care. Providers receive a stipend for their service.

The Wright County Crisis Nursery currently serves families with children age 12 and younger living in Wright County.

Training is provided.


Wright County


Providers must have a child care or foster care license or be a licensed child care center.

Request information

Please contact Alexis Rian
Email: alexis.rian@lssmn.org
Phone: 320.406.8606