Middleton Family

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Middleton Family

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We are Duane and Hannah Middleton. We want to welcome a new person into our lives to offer them a safe, loving, nurturing and caring home. When someone new moves into our home, we will always show them respect, kindness, openness and understanding.

Open, honest communication is one of the most important principles in our life together. We’ve struck a good balance; Duane is an extroverted “talker,” while Hannah is more of an introverted “listener.” Our son and grandchildren live in Portland, and we only get to see them every other summer.

Because of our long-distance relationship with our families, we keep a strong connection through intentional communication. We often celebrate holidays and birthdays virtually and do everything we can to feel connected despite the distance. When someone new moves in, we know communication will be important as we learn more about their needs, aspirations and priorities.

We live in a quiet neighborhood near the center of town. Our rambler-style home has two levels, with a living room, two bedrooms and a bathroom featuring a jacuzzi tub in the basement. The main level has two bedrooms, a full bathroom, kitchen and other shared spaces. Each individual we support will have their own personal bedroom. We know that a clean, organized home creates a healthy life, so we will all work together to tidy up our personal and shared spaces. 

A typical day in our house starts with coffee and breakfast by Duane — he is an excellent cook! During the week, Hannah works from home, and Duane works part-time at a local pharmacy. On our days off, we enjoy going to the community center to exercise, swim and enjoy the sauna. We go to church most Sundays, usually with a lunch date afterwards.

As a family, we value integrity, hard work, commitment and nurturing healthy relationships. We strive to apply these values to every aspect of our lives, and we look forward to sharing them with the person we support in our home.

Hannah has experience as a Personal Care Assistant and as a Direct Support Professional. She is passionate about supporting people to create their best life. We look forward to providing a supportive, positive and warm environment where we will support them as they perform day-to-day tasks and work toward their long-term goals.

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