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Kinship Care: Focus on the Children

Kinship Care: Focus on the Children

Please fill out the form below for this webinar, which is designed for kinship caregivers and others who are interested in learning about the overview of kinship care.

This webinar explores:

  • Who a kinship caregiver is
  • Why and how children come to be in kinship care
  • Impacts, benefits, and challenges of kinship care
  • Resources and support available for children and caregivers
  • Strategies for supporting children — especially those affected by trauma

This webinar is presented by Janet Salo, Family Support Specialist at Kinship Family Support Services.

It will be helpful for those who are informally or formally caring for other’s children (kinship caregivers), families concerned about related children’s care, or professionals who encounter grandparents, siblings or other relatives caring for children.

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