Meet Our Financial Services Team

We look forward to working with you!

Senior Director | Brainerd, MN

Becky Pakarinen is the Senior Director of Financial and Employment Services. When people first come to see us about their financial situation, they are sometimes unsure of what to expect.

Program Director, Partnerships & Financial Education | Willmar, MN

Cherrish Holland has worked with thousands of individuals and families to increase their financial well-being since beginning her career with LSS Financial Counseling in 1996. She has had the honor of hearing their stories and walking with them on their financial journeys.

Financial Counseling Supervisor | Saint Paul, MN

Dan Park works full-time as a Financial Counseling Supervisor at the LSS Eustis location in Saint Paul, Minnesota. He has more than 10 years of housing and financial counseling experience in the nonprofit sector and is certified to offer Student Loan Counseling as well.

Program Director, Debt Management Plan Operations | Duluth, MN

Elaina is the Program Director of Debt Management Operations and Support and has been a major contributor to LSS’ financial wellness blog, Sense and Centsibility. She is passionate about everyone thriving in their lives and not just surviving.

Program Director, Housing Counseling | Willmar, MN

Nichole Szczesniak is a Program Director of Housing Counseling Services for LSS Financial Counseling. She oversees foreclosure prevention, reverse mortgage and pre-purchase homebuyer counseling services.

Economic Empowerment & Employment Services Director | Saint Paul, MN
Steve Kaari is the Economic Empowerment and Employment Services Director.  He is responsible for the management, strategic planning and visioning for LSS’ MFIP Employment Services in Minneapolis and the LSS Financial Counseling services at the St. Paul University location.

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