Meet our Financial Services Team

We look forward to working with you!

Senior Program Manager | Duluth, MN

Joanne Gilbertson is the Senior Program Manager for Financial Services. Joanne began working at LSS in January of 2008, providing Foreclosure Prevention counseling to thousands of clients during the foreclosure crisis.

Program Director, Partnerships & Financial Education | Willmar, MN

Cherrish began her career with LSS in 1996 as a Financial Counselor. She’s moved throughout the organization, including working as the Director of the LSS Family Services Team in the Willmar Area.

Program Director, Debt Management Plan Operations | Duluth, MN

Elaina is the Program Director of Debt Management Operations and Support, and is the main blogger on LSS’s personal finance blog, Sense and Centsibility. She is passionate about everyone thriving in their lives and not just surviving.

Senior Program Manager, Homeownership Services | Brainerd, MN

Sandi Kleist joined LSS Financial Counseling at our Brainerd location in 2000.

Economic Empowerment & Employment Services Director | Eastside Financial Center, St. Paul, MN
Eva Song Margolis serves as the Economic Empowerment & Employment Services Director. She is responsible for the management, strategic planning and visioning of its Employment and Trainings services and the Eastside Financial Center in Saint Paul, a multi-partnership center providing asset-building services with the goal of equitable community wealth building.
Senior Director | Brainerd, MN

Becky Pakarinen is the Senior Director of Financial Services. When people first come to see us about their financial situation, they are sometimes unsure of what to expect.

Financial Counseling Supervisor | St. Paul, MN

Jenna Perez is a Credit Counselor Supervisor who oversees the counselors in our Twin Cities offices. She loves seeing her clients find financial freedom — whether it is overcoming credit card debt, managing their student loans, or saving their homes from foreclosure.

Program Manager, Financial Well-being | Minneapolis, MN
As the Financial Well-being Program Manager, I am passionate about working to close the financial inclusion gap for everyone in America, by providing effective outreach and quality programs dedicated to promoting an individuals’ personal, educational and social growth when it comes to their financial capability and well-being.
Senior Program & Communications Manager | Eastside Financial Center, St. Paul, MN

Viva joined LSS in 2012 and is now the Senior Program & Communications Manager at our Eastside Financial Center office in Saint Paul. He brings more than twenty years of experience that spans the nonprofit, philanthropic, communications, journalism and international education sectors.

Program Manager, Financial Counseling | Mankato, MN

Julie’s career with LSS began with her role as a part-time Financial Counselor, and today she is the Consumer Credit Counseling Manager in our Mankato and Rochester offices.