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MPR News With Angela Davis: Tackling Medical Debt
Minnesota Public Radio | July 25, 2022
One hundred million Americans, or about 41 percent of U.S. adults, live with medical debt, according to a survey by Kaiser Family Foundation. Kim Miller with LSS Financial Counseling shared how medical debt affects individuals and resources that can help them tackle that debt.

LSS Offers Free Credit Report Reviews to Help You Improve Your Credit
KTIS-FM  | May 7, 2022
A 2021 study by Consumer Reports shared that more than one-third of consumers found mistakes on their credit reports. Shannon Doyle, financial educator with LSS Financial Counseling, provides additional information about credit reports and credit scores.

April is National Financial Literacy Month
KTIS-FM  | April 9, 2022
Shannon Doyle, financial educator with LSS Financial Counseling, shares what financial literacy is, why it's so important to our financial health, and what we can all do to improve our financial literacy.

Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota: A One-Stop Shop for Financial Counseling | March 15, 2022
Viva Yang, Senior Program and Communications Manager for LSS Financial Counseling, details Lutheran Social Services of Minnesota’s financial counseling, employment and Financial Choice services. Sunrise Bank is a Financial Choice partner.

LSS Financial Counseling Recommends People Review Their Free Credit Reports
Tri-County News | March 2, 2022
National Credit Education Month is a good time for individuals to get copies of their free credit reports, look for errors in those reports and dispute any errors they find.

March is National Credit Education Month: Check Your Credit Report
Merrill Foto News | March 1, 2022
National Credit Education Month is a good time for individuals to get copies of their free credit reports, look for errors in those reports and dispute any errors they find.

As Pandemic Wanes, Inflation Changes the Lives of Minnesotans
Star Tribune | February 19, 2022
LSS Financial Counselor Kim Miller shares how emotions can play a role in spending in this story about the adjustments households are making to address the challenges of rising prices.

St. Paul Launches Foreclosure Prevention Program
Star Tribune | February 18, 2022
St. Paul established a new program to support homeowners who face foreclosure because of financial challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. LSS Financial Counseling is one of the partner agencies providing foreclosure prevention services.

MPR News with Angela Davis: How to Spend Less When Everything Costs More
Minnesota Public Radio | January 24, 2022
LSS Financial Counselor Kim Miller appeared as a guest on the MPR News with Angela Davis Show to offer insight and creative saving strategies during these inflationary times.

How Last-Minute Shoppers Can Avoid Holiday Debt
KARE-11 TV | December 22, 2021
Shannon Doyle with LSS Financial Counseling offered suggestions for avoiding holiday debt, including having a "battle plan" and considering homemade gifts.

Millions Will Soon Have to Restart Student Loan Payments
KARE-11 TV | December 18, 2021
LSS Financial Counselor Dan Park discusses options for student loan borrowers once payments on federal student loans restart.

Daily Living with LSS: Applying Financial Lessons During the Pandemic 
KBEM-FM | March 29, 2021

Daily Living with LSS: Student Loans
KBEM-FM | February 22, 2021

Finances Unscathed by the Pandemic? Seize the Moment and Tackle Debt
Daily Journal | January 21 , 2021

Is Moving Now Your Best Financial Move?
St. Louis Post-Dispatch | September 9, 2020

Daily Living with LSS: Loaning Money to Loved Ones
KBEM-FM | September 14, 2020

Daily Living with LSS: Building Good Credit
KBEM-FM | August 17, 2020

Daily Living with LSS: Financial Scams During the Pandemic
KBEM-FM | July 20, 2020

Daily Living with LSS: Tax Advice
KBEM-FM | July 20, 2020

Daily Living with LSS: Buying a Home
KBEM-FM | June 8, 2020

LSS Expands Student Loan Counseling Service
Redwood Falls Gazette | April 15, 2020

Daily Living with LSS: Managing Student Loan Debt
KBEM-FM | April 13, 2020

Student loan help during the COVID-19 pandemic
KARE-11 TV | April 9, 2020

Daily Living with LSS: Managing Finances in Uncertain Times
KBEM-FM | March 30, 2020

LSS helped Minnesotans pay off $17.8M in debt last year
Faribault Daily News | March 3, 2020

Daily Living with LSS: Paying Off Credit Card Debt
KBEM-FM | March 2, 2020

Changes are coming to FICO score ratings
KBJR-TV 6 Duluth | February 7, 2020

Minneapolis planner Tonia Brinston found a path out of debt and now aims to lift a community
Star Tribune | March 31, 2019

Advice, support offered during government shutdown
Aitkin Independent Age | January 23, 2019

LSS Financial Counseling featured for Eviction Prevention and Top Women in Finance
NFCC Notables | December 18, 2018

Understand How Much You're Spending on Credit During Holidays
CBS | December 10, 2018

Evictions lead to lingering challenges
Post Bulletin | October 2, 2018

New Law Makes It Easier & Free To Freeze Your Credit
CBS | September 26, 2018

Eviction Prevention Project receives $50k grant
Post Bulletin | September 7, 2018

LSS Financial Counseling at Rondo Days
KFAI | August 18, 2018

Banking program aims to provide lower-cost alternative to payday lenders
Star Tribune | June 20, 2018

What Happens To Credit Accounts When Stores Like Herberger’s Close?
CBS | April 18, 2018

The 6 Best Books to Help You Get out of Debt, According to Experts | April 4, 2018

National Consumer Protection Week Gets Brainerd Talking About Local Scams
Lakeland PBS | March 6, 2018

How I Ditched Debt: Setting Pride Aside and Asking for Help | January 20, 2018 

Bad credit? You still have tools to whittle down debt | January 4, 2018

New LSS office in Rochester
Post Bulletin | November 08, 2017

Your 'money personality' is first step to financial health
USA Today | September 13, 2017

Expert Guidance Helps You Pay Off Credit Card Debt Through Individualized, Cost-Efficient Repayment Plans | September 05, 2017

LSS Financial Counseling: Helping Americans Overcome Debt through Actionable Solutions & Personalized Counseling for Multiple Debt Types Blog | July 27, 2017
How To Boost Your Credit Score With Your Credit Card
CBS | February 18, 2017

Credit, Mortgages and Your Ability to Buy a Home
U.S. News and World Report | November 4, 2015

Medical flex accounts: Use it or lose it
Duluth News Tribune | December 02, 2014

6 Ways to Help an Adult Child Without Going Broke
Next Avenue Blog, PBS | May 16, 2014

Take Control of Your Holiday Spending
West Central Tribune | November 24, 2013

We asked kids, tell us what makes you rich?
Sense and Centsibility Blog | July 31, 2013

Pre-foreclosure notices on the rise in the Twin Cities
Star Tribune | May 27, 2013

Hit a Home Run for Financial Literacy Month
Minnesota Department of Commerce | April 14, 2013

Forced insurance policies cripple Minnesota homeowners
Star Tribune | October 08, 2012

USDA Is a Tough Collector When Mortgages Go Bad
The Wall Street Journal | May 24, 2012

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