Financial Wellness Calculators

Woman on calculator

Use these free debt and budget calculators to help manage your personal finances.

Credit Card Debt Calculator

How long will it take to pay off your credit card debt?

Mortgage Refinance Calculator

Worried about how long it will take to break even on a mortgage refinance? See if refinancing is the right decision.

Snowball Calculator

Paying off the balance of the highest interest rate first is an excellent way to pay off credit card debt faster. See if it will work for you.

Accel Payroll Savings Calculator

Want to take the worry out of remembering to increase your retirement contributions?

Vice Saver Calculator

How much does your favorite vice really cost you each week, month, or year? Reducing your spending on vices like alcohol or dining out can make a substantial difference.

Incomes — One or Two Calculator

Should my partner work? Do we make enough money after daycare expenses? Find out what is affordable for your family.

Scrooge-O-Meter Calculator

Worried about holiday spending? See how much spending on credit now will cost you later.



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