Foreclosure Prevention Counseling

Understand Your Options to Prevent Foreclosureolder couple looking at papers

Our experienced, HUD-certified, nonprofit housing counselors offer free, nonjudgmental and confidential support and guidance so that you can understand your options and rights to save your home or foreclose with a plan.

  • 65% of homeowners who received foreclosure prevention counseling were able to avoid foreclosure.
  • 73% of foreclosure counseling participants learned about additional housing resources.
  • 79% of foreclosure counseling participants worked with their housing counselor to develop a customized budget to assist them in stabilizing their situation.


How an LSS HUD-Certified Housing Counselor Can Assist:

  • Review your current finances and give you a clear idea of your options and eligibility for a mortgage modification.
  • Work with you to submit paperwork to your mortgage company to apply for a mortgage modification.
  • Be sure you are taking advantage of available government programs to save your home.
  • Help you postpone your sheriff's sale so you have more time to work out a solution with your lender.
  • Answer questions and is there for you throughout the process.


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We have counselors who are fluent in Spanish and Hmong. In addition, American Sign Language (ASL) interpretation is available as needed.

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Call 888.577.2227 to schedule a phone or virtual appointment at a time convenient for you. Or set up an in-person appointment at one of our locations.

Please note: we do not provide retirement planning services or investment advice.


What Do I Need for Counseling?

In order for your financial counseling session to be most productive, it is helpful to have the following information available:

  • Your mortgage statement.
  • Your monthly income.
  • Typical monthly expenses.
  • Any other information you believe would be helpful in understanding your financial situation.

Don't have everything? Don't worry. Call us and we help guide you through the process.