Customized Matched Savings

Financial Wellness Through Asset Building

couple with piggy bankCustomized Matched Savings (CMS) is a benefit you can offer your employees, members or people you serve so they can build assets to create a more secure financial future or achieve greater independence. CMS can help them reach goals such as furthering their education, starting a business, creating stable housing or reducing debt.

LSS Financial Counseling works with individuals to build their financial skills and knowledge and deposit their funds in a secure savings account. You partner with us to start up the CMS program and match their savings.

What We Do for You

We have the experience and staff to set up and implement a customized match savings program for you.

  • Our financial counselors are certified, knowledgeable and non-judgmental.
  • We handle the administrative details and can help with marketing materials.
  • We work with trusted financial institutions to set up matched savings accounts.
  • Once individuals reach their savings goals, we process their funds. We then help coordinate the purchase of an asset that helps them increase their financial security and achieve greater independence. 

Your Contributions as a CMS Partner

  • Work with LSS to co-create a CMS program that fits your organization’s goals.
  • Publicize the CMS service to eligible participants in your organization.
  • Decide how much you will match the individuals’ savings.
  • Leverage, fundraise and set aside funds to match the individuals’ savings.
  • Pay an administrative fee to help cover the program’s costs.

Examples of How Individuals Have Used Their CMS Funds

  • Paid tuition for post-secondary coursework towards advancing their career at their organization.
  • Obtained equipment needed to expand business operations.
  • Purchased an automobile.
  • Bought furniture to set up a new household.
  • Paid off debt.

Man holding cashWhy LSS Financial Counseling

LSS Financial Counseling is a trusted nonprofit, with more than three decades of experience supporting individuals in taking control of their finances. We have partnered with agencies, businesses and local financial institutions for more than a decade setting up CMS programs.

Get Started

To start a Customized Matched Savings program, contact us at 651.771.2566 or 

Customized Matched Savings is a service available currently to Twin Cities employers and providers.