Our Financial Choice Team

Our Partner Relations Specialists

As a Financial Choice partner, you will be served directly by one of our Partner Relations Specialists. Each specialist is a Certified Financial Counselor and possesses a wealth of knowledge and experience in financial wellness.

Shannon Doyle

Shannon DoyleShannon, Program Manager for Partnerships and Financial Education, earned her degree in social work from the University of St Catherine in St. Paul, MN. She joined the LSS Financial Counseling staff as a Certified Financial Counselor in 2007 and has worn many different hats since. Shannon is passionate about economic opportunity for all, consumer protection and coaching people towards financial success.

Earlier in her life, Shannon made many money mistakes – one reason for her dedication to working with others to avoid or fix their mistakes and reach financial stability and growth. In her interactive workshops, Shannon offers practical professional tips, personal experience and humor to educate and encourage others to take control of their financial lives. You can find more of her work at LSS Financial Counseling’s blog Sense and Centsibility. Shannon enjoys cooking and grilling with her husband, Jay and learning to be a good mom for Ella, her rescue dog.

Cherrish Holland

Cherrish HollandCherrish has worked with thousands of individuals and families to increase their financial well-being since beginning her career with LSS Financial Counseling in 1996. She has had the honor of hearing their stories and walking with them on their financial journeys.

As LSS Financial Counseling’s Program Director for Partnerships and Financial Education, Cherrish has conducted financial education workshops nationwide for in-person and webinar audiences. She is a passionate advocate for consumer protection and normalizing conversations about money.

Cherrish has been a consultant to several denominations that are addressing economic challenges facing pastoral leaders. She serves on the Board of Directors of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and has served on the New London-Spicer, Minnesota school board.

Kim Miller

Kim MillerKim was drawn to LSS Financial Counseling in 2004 because of her passion for financial education and helping people manage their budgets. She graduated from Bethel University with a B.A. in business and finance. In her years as a financial counselor, Kim has worked for various non-profit agencies in different parts of the United States. She has listened to and worked with many wonderful people of all different backgrounds as they figured out their next steps to move their financial life forward.

Kim rejoined LSS Financial Counseling in 2020 after returning to Minnesota. As a Partner Relations Specialist, she enjoys working with our faith-based Financial Choice partners and local community-based financial institutions. Her goal is to provide financial wellness encouragement in a holistic manner.

When she lived in other states, Kim volunteered her time at summer camps for children and worked full time for a few years as a youth coordinator.

April Sanderson

April SandersonApril came to LSS Financial Counseling in 2008 with experience in helping homeless youth regain stable financial footing. While working with youth, she discovered a love for helping people achieve their financial goals. April is part of the Student Loan, Financial Choice, and Financial Education Teams and possesses extensive knowledge and experience in all aspects of financial counseling,

April graduated from the University of Minnesota – Duluth with Bachelor of Arts degrees in Communications and Sociology. She draws from that education when delivering financial education presentations to community groups and high school classes. April believes everyone should be taught financial management skills so they can be confident and comfortable with their personal finances and have a stable financial future.

Phia Vue

Phia VuePhia is a Certified Financial Counselor and has more than 10 years of experience helping clients learn options for dealing with debt and student loans, understand and improve their credit reports, and develop their budgeting skills.

As a Partner Relations Specialist, Student Loan Counselor and Program Coordinator, Phia understands the importance of using credit wisely and has a passion for helping families through tough times. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Government and is fluent in English and Hmong. Two of Phia’s financial counseling goals are to help clients spend less than what they earn and achieve financial independence.

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