Success Stories

What People Say About Our Services

All of the stories below are from real people served by LSS Financial Counseling. While everyone has their own financial goals, each person learned to manage their finances and is working to achieve financial success.

Matthew Pays Off His Debt with an LSS Debt Management Plan

"Now I can pay for things that mean something. Working with the financial counselors at LSS helped me see that I could still live the way I wanted to, but not take on debt because I'm spending money that I don't have."

Matthew's life is a lot freer and a lot less worrisome after completing a DMP with us!


Julie Raises Her Credit Score

"He helped me understand the importance of credit, how it works, and guided me to take the next steps to go about fixing my credit." — Julie

After working with one of our certified financial counselors, Julie's raised her credit score from 601 to 725 and was able to buy her first house!


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