Avoid Scams

Avoid Financial Scams

white keyboard with magnifying glass enhancing the word "scam" in red lettersOften predators target people who are seeking relief from financial stress. Below are a few trusted sources that explain how to recognize a scam and what to do if you encounter one. Also, feel free to reach out to our professional financial counseling team if you think you may be dealing with a financial scam situation.

Collection Scams Alert: What to Look For

Some of the latest scams in the collection world are companies trying to "collect on debts" that people do not owe. Usually the consumer will receive a hostile collection call from the scammer and then soon receives an official-looking collection letter that threatens legal action if the debt is not paid immediately.


Protect Yourself from COVID-19 Scams

Unfortunately, fraud artists and hackers thrive when you have your guard down, cleverly disguising scams as legitimate programs to foul unsuspecting people. Read our blog about five common scams and way to protect yourself.


Romance Scams

Protect yourself from bad actors and scammers in online dating. Read our blog about the do's and don'ts when making connections through online dating sites and social media apps


VISA and MasterCard Credit Card Phone Scam

Scammers might pose as financial institution and or credit card representatives to trick unwary consumers into providing the three-digit security code on the back of a credit card or other sensitive information.


Debt Scams

Debt can be scary and confusing and there are many fraudulent companies that seek to exploit consumers. Avoid debt relief and debt settlement scams by taking control of your finances and working with our financial counselors to create a customized plan of success.


Mortgage Assistance and Foreclosure Prevention Scams

They’re active organization’s seeking to lure individuals into predatory mortgage assistance and phony mortgage payment relief scams.


Reverse Mortgage Scams

If you are interested in a reverse mortgage, beware of scam artists. Learn more about reverse mortgage fraud and abuse.



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