By Mail Payment

A Fast Way to Paymailbox

When you send payment by mail, be sure to allow sufficient time for shipping. According to the United States Postal Service (USPS), First Class Mail is usually delivered within three (3) business days. We suggest allowing at least five business days.

After we receive your payment, funds will be deposited into your LSS trust account. There are three ways you can submit payments by mail: through either a money order, a cashier's check or a personal check.

Money Order or Cashier’s Check

Once received, funds will be deposited on the same business day. If you need to make a payment fast, this is the best payment method. Learn how to complete a money order. 

Personal Check

Funds will be deposited within three to five business days after we receive your check. Please make sure you have sufficient funds in your checking account to avoid insufficient fund charges and ensure timely transfer of funds to your LSS trust account. Learn how to complete a personal check.

LSS reserves the right to confirm funds before disbursing to your creditors.


  1. Make checks payable to LSS Financial Counseling.
  2. Include your payment slip (the payment portion of your most recent statement).
  3. Include your name, address and Client ID Number on the payment.
  4. Use black or blue ink only.
  5. Please do not future date your check or money order. Checks will be processed the same day they are received in our office.
  6. Send your check or money order payment to:

LSS Financial Counseling
PO Box 306
Duluth, MN 55801-0306

Quick Payments - Overnight Delivery or Drop-off

If your payment is due within three business days, please use Overnight Delivery to mail your payment to us at the address below or drop it off in person using on our-site drop-box.

LSS Financial Counseling
1330 East Superior Street, Suite 203
Duluth, MN 55805