Financial Education Workshops

Financial Education Workshops

three students in seminarChoose from our selection of single workshops, create a workshop series or multi-session classes for financial education that suit your organization’s needs. Our individual workshops last 50 to 90 minutes and each presentation is tailored to fit the knowledge level, age and needs of your audiences and organization.

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Available Workshop Topics


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      The Four Cornerstones of Financial Wellness

      This series consists of four in-person, 90-minute classes, using learning circles, activities and group discussions. Through these classes, you’ll learn to:

      • Budget to create savings.
      • Strategically reduce debt and build assets.
      • Understand credit scores.
      • Protect yourself as a consumer.

      Foundations of Financial Well-Being

      This workshop is only available to Financial Choice Partners, learn more about becoming a Financial Choice Partner.

      This is a series of five, sixty-minute virtual classes using interactive tools to increase learning and engagement. You will learn financial concepts and strategies to: 

      • Spend less than you earn.
      • Reduce debt.
      • Increase assets and wealth.
      • Increase your buying power with improved credit.
      • Protect your financial well-being by learning about insurance, avoiding scams and preventing identity theft.

      Money Management Basics

      Create solid financial foundations, from building a minimum emergency reserve all the way to maximizing retirement savings. Use proven economic behavioral strategies and action steps to help you control your spending and set realistic financial goals that build upon each other.

      Improve Your Credit: Spend Less, Get More

      Credit scores affect the terms of loans you receive, employment, housing and insurance rates. Find out: 

      • The difference between good and poor credit.
      • The components of a good credit score.
      • How a good credit score makes things cost less.
      • How to establish or rebuild credit scores.

      Decimate Your Debt

      Transform a financial life that is controlled by debt with a solid plan to become free of that burden. Explore specific strategies that repay debt faster, in ways that may help maintain a good credit score.

      Investing 101

      This is an informational course only. LSS cannot provide investment advice.

      An introduction to the following concepts and tips to help you grow your assets to reach a financial goal:

      • Compound interest and how it builds wealth.
      • Dollar-cost averaging and how it might benefit your investment strategy.
      • The importance of diversifying your assets.
      • Ways to find trusted experts to help you with future planning.

      Get Ready for Student Loans

      Make consistent progress in reducing and eventually eliminating student loan debt. You’ll learn about:

      • Complex government student loan programs and payment plan options.
      • Different types of rules for different loans.
      • Loan forgiveness programs.

      PSLF: Practical Steps to Achieve Loan Forgiveness

      Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) is a federal student loan program that forgives the remaining balance of any federal student loan after 120 payments for borrowers who work in the public sector. Up until recently very few have successfully achieved loan forgiveness through this program due to a lack of understanding of the policies and processes guiding it. This workshop is designed to teach public sector employees how to:

      • Start the payment count towards loan forgiveness.
      • Understand how to ensure payments qualify.
      • Define qualifying employment.
      • Request loan forgiveness once 120 payments have been made.

      Modern Money: A Guide to Budgeting, Borrowing, and Shopping in the Digital Age

      Everywhere you turn these days there are new ways to spend, budget, and borrow money. From online retail shops to FinTech, the way we shop, bank, and borrow is changing rapidly. If you don't know the difference between "Buy Now, Pay Later" and Layaway, this workshop will help you understand the benefits and pitfalls of the digitization of spending and borrowing.


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      FOR PARENTS: Teach Your Kids Money Moxie

      *For Parents who have children ages pre-K through middle school.

      Get started with concepts and actions that help children at each age build the skills they need to develop life-long money smarts. Parents will learn:

      • The three concepts all kids need to know.
      • How their own money story influences their children’s attitudes about money.
      • The different ways children receive money.
      • Tips for maximizing money lessons regardless of how money is received.
      • Strategies for teaching kids about needs vs. wants.

      FOR PARENTS: Teach Your Teens Money Moxie

      Get started with concepts and actions that help teens at each age build the skills they need to develop life-long money smarts. Parents will learn about:

      • Tools that help to start a conversation about money.
      • Incorporating values into setting goals with teens.
      • Concepts that help with decision making, including needs vs. wants.
      • Budgeting, spending and credit basics to pass on to teens.

      Paying for College: Preparing Parents and Students for Success

      Paying for higher education can affect the short and long-term financial health of both parents and their college-bound children. Attending together, parents and kids will learn how to:

      • Get the conversation about paying for college started between you and your child.
      • Discuss the importance of college choice when it comes to lowering costs.
      • Understand financial aid and other resources to help with college costs.

      Financial Milestones for Teens and Young Adults

      A workshop especially for teens and young adults, providing them a fun entry into the adult world of money. Depending on the age and interests of your group, they will learn how to:

      • Manage their first checking accounts and/or credit cards.
      • Build a good credit score.
      • Grow their savings with their first investments.
      • Create money management habits that will lead to a lifetime of financial wellness and resiliency.

      Financial Bingo!

      A fun and creative way to teach teens about money concepts and skills they all need to learn! One of our financial educators will lead as the bingo announcer while answering teens’ questions about budgeting, saving, credit, debt, and investing. A great way to engage teens in learning about money and personal finance.


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      Get a Financial Health Checkup

      Just like with our physical health, building financial health requires steps that we take daily, monthly, and annually. You will learn how to:

      • Assess your financial health on an annual basis with a financial health checkup.
      • Determine your “fin-metrics” that indicate financial health so you can set monthly goals to improve your stats.
      • Identify daily habits to practice that will help you build resiliency and achieve financial wellness.

      Money and Minimalism

      Transition from a life of conspicuous consumption, debilitating debt and over-scheduled calendars.

      • Explore what living a minimalist life might look like for you.
      • Declutter your finances.
      • Combat external messages about identity and success that may be holding you back from living the life you want to live.

      Facing Financial Uncertainty

      If you or those you know are uncertain about your current financial situation or what may happen in the future, this workshop will assist you in building financial resiliency and establishing a sense of security and control so that you can manage any financial challenges you face.  

      Recovering Your Finances

      If you are trying to recover from unemployment, the dissolution of a relationship, a significant health event or any one of life’s unexpected changes — this workshop will help you take control. You will learn strategies to: 

      • Prioritize expenses to reestablish control over your finances.
      • Deal with creditors and tackle debt.
      • Build financial resiliency through rebuilding savings.

      Happier Holidays: Brain Tricks for More Joy, Less Stress

      During the winter holidays, society pressures us to spend heavily. Many people find that their spending does not create happiness, but stress and debt instead. Learn about:

      • Stress reducing techniques.
      • Planning ahead to take control.
      • Three core principles of personal finance that will help you get more fulfillment out of your holidays.

      Stop Making Resolutions: Turn Your Financial Goals into Reality

      Changing behaviors around money is never easy but to reach your goals it's necessary. In this workshop you will:

      • Learn proven strategies to organize your finances.
      • Set achievable goals.
      • Learn techniques to help you change financial behaviors that keep you stuck.

      Financial Stress Busters

      The rising cost of living demands tough choices from everyday spending to reaching bigger life goals, like buying a home, saving for college, or retiring. Considering decision fatigue, rising interest on debts, and low levels of saving, it’s no surprise money has become one of the top stressors for many of us. Learn methods to regain a healthy sense of control, including:

      • Stress reduction strategies.
      • Recognizing and challenging money beliefs.
      • Prioritizing debt payments. 
      • Behavioral tips to change old money habits into new ones.

      Couples and Money (Team) Work

      Whether you’re in a new relationship or have been with your partner for decades, you can get on the same page when managing money. We will discuss: 

      • Ground rules for conversations.
      • Money beliefs and scripts and how they influence your money behavior.
      • Money management strategies that you can implement together.

      Women, Money and Confidence

      Women have all the skills, knowledge, and tools they need to be successful with money and finance. The biggest thing lacking? Confidence. In this workshop you will:

      • Explore money personalities and how to overcome common scripts learned in childhood.
      • Discuss money management skills that you can incorporate into reaching your financial goals, including salary negotiation, debt reduction and investing basics.
      • Build confidence through sharing powerful information about women's essential role in the economy.

      Planning For a Happy Retirement

      If you are nearing retirement this is the workshop for you. Everyone knows that saving for retirement is important, but there are other factors to consider the closer you get.

      In this workshop you will

      • Consider lifestyle scenarios that affect your costs.
      • Make a plan to eliminate debt that may drain your funds more quickly.
      • Talk about how to spend your long-saved funds in ways that lead to happiness.


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      Fraud Prevention

      Become smarter than identity thieves and scammers. You will learn:

      • The different ways your information can be compromised.
      • Steps to prevent identify theft, including tips for being safe online and in financial interactions.
      • How to access free, effective resources to turn to if you are a victim of identity theft.

      Scam Proof Your Finances

      Essential information for everyone in the digital age. In this workshop you will learn:

      • How to recognize the most common forms of fraud and the tactics used to deceive targets.
      • The skills to respond assertively to the pressures of phone and online con artists.
      • When where and how to report fraud.
      • How to protect your finances from future vulnerability.