Credit Building Loan

Give your credit score a boost and regain control of your finances

Woman meeting about her credit building loan.

Blemishes on your credit score can make it harder to get the things you need.

Set yourself up for success in the future by working toward a strong credit score. Treat yourself like a bill with the FAIR Credit Builder. On-time, monthly payments demonstrates positive payment history to the credit bureaus, which can help you build your credit. Good credit scores can unlock possibilities—the better your credit score the more likely you’ll be to get a lower interest rate on car loans or mortgages, or lower insurance rates.

It’s almost like a savings plan that builds credit. It’s a loan that’s deposited and held in a CD. After making on-time, monthly payments for 18 months, you’ve established a positive payment credit history and you receive $500 plus CD interest minus fees.

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We partner with Prepare + Prosper to refer individuals to their credit building loan.


FAIR Credit Builder Details:

  • $500 loan amount locked into CD (certificate of deposit)
  • $30/monthly payments (over 18 months)
  • APR on loan is 15%

Meet with our financial coach to review your credit score/report and budget to determine how the credit building loan could benefit you.