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Why Summer is the Season for Saving

If you are a saver or want to become one, the BEST season for saving is upon us! For those of us with school-aged kids these opportunities to save can really help to balance out the weight of summer time daycare. Or, if you make most of your money between Fall and Spring, spending less over the summer is key. Here are some tips for making the most out of your summer season of saving.

  1.  Lower utility costs

With longer daylight hours and warmer days summertime can be a welcome relief from high energy costs. You can even double down on these savings by following a few energy saving tips like turning down the AC when you leave the house and closing the shades to keep the hot sunlight out.

  1. Grow your green


Whether you have a large garden or a small patio container garden, growing a portion of your food is not only healthy but can be a money saver at the grocery store. If you are renting and have no space for a garden but would really like to have one, check out your public and community gardens to see about available space. It can also be helpful to buddy up with a friend or neighbor who also has a garden and do some produce swapping!

  1. Hold it

If you have a gym membership that you rarely use during the summer because you are getting your exercise outdoors you may want to check with your gym about suspending your account over the summer months, that way you can save money and enjoy your favorite outdoor activities. You can also get some exercise by doing yard work and landscaping which will keep you healthy and may even boost your curb appeal. Bonus, this can also be an option for cable or satellite TV.

  1. Low cost or no cost activities

If you are looking for a date night or family fun there are so many options for things to do on a budget. You can hike or bike on the local trails, or find out when the local park is having an art festival or music/movie in the park. You can even take matters into your own hands and plan a neighborhood block party or playdates at the local playground. Even a camping trip can be a really affordable option for getting away and making some great memories.

  1. Go "out" for dinner

Take your dinner outdoors! Have great night out with your significant other or your whole family by having a picnic. Whether you grill at home or pack a dinner for the park you have the fun of going out for dinner, but without the cost.  

These are just 5 tips; we would love to hear more about how you save money over the summer. 

Author Ashley Hagelin is a Certified Financial Counselor with LSS Financial Counseling and she specializes Foreclosure Prevention and Reverse Mortgage Counseling.