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Tips for a Summer of Saving!

It was a long, cold, and trying winter. So this summer brings more than just warm weather, sunshine and days at the beach. It brings happiness, time with family and even a chance to SAVE! Take a minute to think about your financial goals. Do you hope to start an emergency savings account? Or pay a little more towards your debt? Or have a little more fun money? Summer is the time to do it!

Here are ways you can soak in the summer and pad your pocketbook at the same time!

  • Lower Utility Bills- Turn off the air conditioner, open the windows enjoy the break...and save the difference.

  • Groom Your Pooch- Bust out the hose and the brush and save on the groomer.

  • Wash Your Car- You have the hose out from washing the dog anyway.

  • Have a Rummage Sale- Declutter and earn some extra money.

  • Walk or Bike to Your Destination- This will help you to save on gas and parking, plus keep you fit.

  • Grow Your Own- A garden will help you save on fresh produce.

  • Suspend Your Gym Membership- Do your workouts outdoors for free.

  • Have a Picnic- Eating out doesn’t always mean going to a restaurant

  • Take a Hike- Go on a family walk or hike for an outing.

  • Scratch a Neighbor's Back- Help a neighbor with a project and have them help you with yours. An extra set of hands is priceless. Or offer to trade dog watching or babysitting services!

  • Camping- It is a lot less than a hotel, and it may even get the kids to put down the electronics. Parents: that means you, too!

  • Date Night- Take a romantic walk instead of going to a movie.

  • Drive-in Theater- Have a family movie night outdoors. Hang a white sheet against your house and show your favorite movie.  You can rent projectors from your local office supply store.

  • Go Out to the Ball Game- Go to the local high school or college baseball game. They are usually free...and what team doesn’t want more people in the stands??

These are just a few. If you have more summer saving ideas, please let us know!

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Author Ashley Hagelin is a Financial Counselor at LSS Financial Counseling and specializes in Reverse Mortgage Counseling.