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Four tips to save money this summer and avoid being broke

We look forward to summer each year. For many of us, it’s a time to take a little bit more time off from work to enjoy the limited sun, vitamin D and warmth summer brings. However, summer can often be expensive because we are able to get out and do more. With that said, you don’t have to bust your budget to enjoy what is, for many of us, our favorite time of year. Here are some tips to keep costs low over the summer.

1) Hold those memberships

Typically, warmer weather motivates us to be outside and be more active. If you belong to a gym, it’s a good idea to put your membership on hold if you don’t use it at all or don’t use it as often in the colder months. Also, think about other subscriptions/memberships you could pause temporarily. For instance, if you’re watching less TV, put on hold or cancel a streaming service for a bit. 

2) Save on energy costs

When you’re able to, open your windows to get some air flow, and turn off the air conditioner. For hotter days, keep your shades closed, and turn off/down the A/C when you leave the house. You could even turn up the A/C a degree or two to save a little more in energy costs while still keeping cool. 

3) Go “green”

Create a garden where you can grow some veggies like lettuce, tomatoes or even just herbs. An herb garden alone can save you some money by not running to the grocery store every time you need some basil, oregano, mint, etc. If you don’t have much space, that’s okay! Even a small patio container garden can help save some money. Or partner up with a friend or neighbor and split the costs and time. Another idea: Take advantage of any local community gardens. Not only will you save money, it’s also healthy to grow your own greens.

4) Take advantage of the outdoors

Are you in an area with hiking trails and parks? Go for a walk or hike, and set up a picnic along the way instead of spending money at a restaurant. The beach is also a great way to cool off and enjoy the outdoors. Some cities also offer free evening activities such as movies in the park like here in Duluth, Minnesota where I live. Do some research for free/cheap outdoor activities in your local community so you can enjoy your area and keep entertainment costs low.

With a little creativity and planning, summer can be enjoyable AND an opportunity to save a little cash. 

If debt is holding you back from truly enjoying your summer, give LSS Financial Counseling a call at 888.577.2227, or email us to schedule your free financial counseling session. Our counselors will work with you to create a realistic budget and provide options for you to pay off your debt faster and save money, including our Debt Management Plan. Prefer to get started online? No problem! You can create your financial profile on our website. We are here to support you in achieving your financial goals. 

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Author Elaina Johannessen is the program director for Debt Management Plan operations with LSS Financial Counseling.