Providers & Partners

Providers & Partners

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NuVantage partners with other organizations to design the right employee assistance program (EAP) for each organization. In addition to partnering with your organization to meet the specific needs of your employees, we partner with mental health counselors, benefits consultants and brokers to bring the most dynamic EAP to your organization. 


Counseling Providers

NuVantage works with counseling providers in urban and rural areas throughout the Midwest. All providers are required to have a minimum of a master’s degree in a counseling discipline, as well as a license to practice independently in their state.

NuVantage EAP mental health counselors are knowledgeable about a broad range of life issues. They also have a deep understanding of how personal challenges impact a person’s ability to perform well at work. NuVantage EAP counseling providers are committed to positive outcomes for individuals. Mental health services are often more effective when provided face-to-face.

Although telephone access is important during a crisis situation, NuVantage believes all members should have the opportunity to share personal and private concerns with a licensed mental health professional in their community.

Learn more about becoming a provider.


NuVantage Partners

Brokers & Consultants

NuVantage partners with brokers and consultants to design employee assistance programs that meet the specific objectives and budgetary requirements of the organizations they serve. Learn more about becoming a NuVantage broker or consultant.

Minnesota Council of Nonprofits

NuVantage partners with the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits to offer a high-quality employee assistance program (EAP) to MCN member organizations sized to fit your nonprofit’s needs. Learn what EAP benefits are available to MCN members.