EAP Promotion

EAP Promotion

When it comes to implementing an employee assistance program (EAP), active promotion is vital to ensure employees benefit from the services available to them.

NuVantage works closely with client organizations to employ the communication tools that are right for their workforce.


Member Orientation Sessions

NuVantage provides 20 to 30-minute training sessions for members. These presentations clearly explain the benefits available through NuVantage, how to access the program, the types of services available and other important aspects, such as confidentiality.

Orientation Video

The video below provides a summary of the services available to employees. Send it to your employees for their individual viewing or project it during a meeting to give your employees an overview of NuVantage.


Manager Orientation Sessions

Managers and supervisors play a vital role in the promotion and utilization of EAP services. Lasting about 45 to 60 minutes, manager orientation sessions describe NuVantage services in depth. Managers will also learn how to make mandated referrals to the EAP.


Train-the-Trainer Sessions

Train-the-trainer sessions help prepare benefits administrators and other human resource personnel to explain NuVantage services to new employees or managers throughout the year. Printed materials and PowerPoint presentations are provided for on-going use or to place on your company’s intranet site.


Promotional Materials

NuVantage provides a variety of materials to help managers and employers promote their EAP so employees are informed and reminded of the valuable services available to them.

Materials include:

  • Posters: Produced quarterly to post in work areas, break rooms and other areas visible to employees. View past posters.
  • Refrigerator magnets.
  • Online resources, such as overview sheets and PowerPoint presentations.
  • Member panel cards that include general information about EAP benefits and a tear-off card to fit in a wallet or purse. View materials.
  • New hire welcome packets:  a welcome letter explaining EAP benefits and several member panel cards.
  • Quarterly newsletters: online and paper formats that include topics relevant to managers and employees. View past newsletters.