Services & Pricing

Employer EAP Services

NuVantage Employee Assistance Program (EAP) helps organizations identify and resolve problems that can impact employee work performance and personal well-being.

We work with you to tailor a program and pricing to your specific organizational needs and member population. Request a quote or call 888.988.0098 for more information.


Employee Services

Employees can seek assistance either face-to-face or by telephone for any of the following EAP services:

Mental Health Concerns

  • Stress, anxiety or other emotional problems
  • Family, marital or other relationship problems
  • Child/adolescent parenting issues
  • Chemical dependency concerns
  • Issues related to grief, loss and life stages
  • Work-related concerns
  • Health-related concerns

Financial Counseling for Consumer Debt

  • Budgeting – savings and spending plans
  • Debt and credit help — debt management plans
  • Housing counseling — pre- and post-purchase, foreclosure prevention, and reverse mortgage
  • College loan reviews
  • Credit report reviews

Legal Advice

  • Family law
  • Estate planning and probate issues
  • Contracts and consumer matters
  • Driver issues (DWI/DUI, traffic violations)
  • Housing and real estate

Elder Care Assistance

  • Housing and care options
  • Assessment of need level
  • Community resources for independence
  • Safety planning
  • Transportation
  • Nutrition and medication

Financial Planning

  • Retirement planning/divorce planning
  • Tax issues/Medicare
  • IRA rollovers/money market accounts
  • Internet stock trading/mutual funds
  • Corporate bonds/US savings bonds
  • Finding a financial advisor

Online Wellness Resources

  • Hundreds of mind and body wellness articles
  • Legal forms
  • Financial calculators and forms
  • Manager resources
  • Categorized links to helpful websites


Employer Services

  • Employee and management education about the employee assistance program
  • Educational and promotional materials (newsletters, brochures, resource guides, and more) for use with employees and managers
  • Workplace training and development
  • Critical Incident Response services
  • Quarterly confidential usage reports
  • Quality/satisfaction outcome reports
  • Management consultation/HR consultation
    • Employee performance
    • Workgroup conflict
    • Awareness of mental health and chemical dependency issues in the workplace
  • Process consultation

Pricing Options

Per-Employee Pricing

  • Customers pay an annual fee per employee; pricing does not fluctuate based on usage. All services and program promotion materials are provided at no extra charge.
  • Ideal for: most companies, especially larger employers

Fee-For-Service Pricing

  • In this base-plus arrangement, customers pay NuVantage an annual administration fee that includes all services and program promotion. Services are then charged per usage.
  • Ideal for: companies that prefer to manage their own risk

Retainer Pricing

  • Customers are charged a one-time setup fee to complete the contractual/setup process. Services are charged at a retail rate, and program promotion can be purchased. Electronic promotion is available at no cost.
  • Ideal for: companies that have an embedded employee assistance program that covers some, but not all, employees.