Financial Counseling

Financial Counseling

Elderly Woman consulting a financial counselor.

Achieving financial wellness is possible with the help of a certified financial counselor through NuVantage employee assistance. Struggling with financial hurdles can take a toll on your health.  As a NuVantage member, you have access to specially trained financial counselors who can help you create a plan to achieve financial wellness.


How We Help

When you contact NuVantage, a benefits specialist will ask you a few questions to learn about your needs. You will then be connected with a certified consumer credit counselor who will meet with you, evaluate your situation, and help you to develop a realistic plan of action.


Financial Counseling Services

NuVantage financial counselors are available during regular business hours (Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m.). Services are available in person, by phone or online.

Certified consumer credit counselors can help with:

  • Realistic budgeting and saving plans
  • Debt management plans
  • Housing questions (buying, selling, foreclosure)
  • Ways to start saving for retirement
  • Student loan options and how to fit payments in your budget
  • Healthy money behaviors and choices
  • Credit report reviews and repairing your credit
  • Identifying and avoiding scams

Financial counseling sessions are completely confidential. Our counselors are "non- reporting," which means no information can be reported to any other entities such as the IRS or credit bureaus. No information ever goes back to your employer. Financial counselors do not represent any investment services and cannot advise you on specific investment opportunities.

NuVantage members also have access to financial planners who can help you review your investments, educate on investment choices and help you learn how to protect your assets.


Financial Resources

For general information on financial issues, you can access financial resources through the NuVantage Wellness Portal.