Brokers & Consultants

Brokers & Consultants

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As a broker or consultant, you are an expert in the area of employee benefits. As an employee assistance program (EAP) provider of more than 35 years, we are experts in the area of employee assistance services. NuVantage partners with brokers and consultants to design EAPs that meet the specific objectives and budgetary requirements of their clients.


Partnering with NuVantage

Employment-related studies demonstrate that employees who experience overall wellness and life satisfaction are more productive, have better attendance, and use fewer health insurance benefits. Our goal is to help NuVantage members live satisfying lives, which ultimately enhances the effective business operation of your clients.

When your customers evaluate employee benefits, they may also ask about EAP options. NuVantage will meet personally with your customer to explain the benefits and cost-saving advantages of a quality EAP. We can work with you to quickly create a program that can be easily embedded within any employee benefit package.


NuVantage Service Model

Our high-touch and adaptable service model helps managers, as well as employees and their families, through whatever challenges they may face.

NuVantage provides:

  • Management consultations and train-the-trainer sessions
  • Onsite and electronic orientations and promotion
  • Critical incident response services
  • Customized training options
  • Quarterly utilization reporting
  • Quarterly print and electronic newsletters and posters
  • Individualized member services, including behavioral health counseling, disability claim assistance, elder care services, financial counseling, financial planning, legal consultation, and online wellness training and resources.


Call NuVantage today to learn how you can partner to offer a high-quality, adaptable EAP to your customers.