Understanding & Managing Your Budget

Need help understanding your budget or making changes? No problem! We've provided some of the most commonly requested information below. You can also contact us with your questions. 


Fees vary between program funds. Please contact us to determine your fees.

Make a Change or Addendum

A request must be sent to your Lead Agency Representative to make any change in your plan or move money around. Your Lead Agency Representative will inform you if an addendum is needed and if there are any further required documents needed. If you do not know who your Lead Agency Representative is, please contact us.

Pay Rates

Representatives determine the pay rate for their workers, but pay rates must follow state minimum and maximum rate guidelines. Please contact us for information.

Changing Wage Rates

To make changes to the wage rates of your workers, complete the Status Change Form and submit it to PICS. PICS will verify your rate request with the Service Coordinator. The wage change must be approved in the Community Support Plan (CSP). If approved, PICS will update your wage rate on the desired effective date.

Waiver or Grant Renewal

Each year, individuals receiving services must renew their eligibility to avoid disruption in services with PICS. Complete the following steps before the end of your current service agreement:

  1. Receive an annual assessment
  2. Complete a new Support Plan
  3. The approved support plan will be forwarded to PICS
  4. PICS will create the budget
  5. A new Service Agreement is issued and services may continue