Managing Services with PICS

Managing Services with PICS

Helpful information and articles are organized below by topic — you can always contact your Service Coordinator with questions. 

Getting Started

Contact our Enrollment Team at 651.967.5063 or We will schedule a time to meet with you virtually or by phone to complete the enrollment meeting and intake paperwork.

  • New client
  • Fees and business models
  • Request services


The support plan defines what supports, services and goods you would like to use to accomplish your goals. You may use your authorized amount to hire a support planner for assistance with completing this form and implementing services.

  • Changes and addendums
  • Renewal

Changes in Service

  • Ending services with PICS
  • Switching program or business model
  • Adding a second or third participant
  • Medical Assistance (MA) status changes


  • Spending Summaries
  • Over/Under Letter
  • Spenddowns
  • Family Deductible
  • Repayment Agreement Form