Managing Services with PICS

Managing Services with PICS

Helpful information is organized below by topic — you can always contact your Service Coordinator with questions.

Getting Started Getting Started with PICS

Contact our Enrollment Team at 651.967.5063 or We will schedule a time to meet with you virtually, by phone or in person by appointment to complete the enrollment meeting and intake paperwork.

Budgets Budgets and planning graphic

PICS creates a budget spreadsheet based on the Participant's approved support plan. The support plan defines what supports, services and goods you would like to use to accomplish your goals. You may use your authorized amount to hire a support planner for assistance with completing this form and implementing services. Optional: A Participant may use their approved funds to hire a support planner for assistance with creating their plan.

Changes in Service Change of Service graphic

If there are changes to the Participant's services, please notify your Service Coordinator. Changes could include ending services with PICS, switching program types or changes in eligibility. 

Reports and Notices Bell Notification Icon

PICS is required to send notifications to Participants in regard to spending summaries, over/under spending, spenddown, waiver obligations and repayment agreement. 

Report a Grievance

Complete this form if you'd like to report an issue or complaint.