Individualized Home Supports Training

Individualized Home Supports Training

Who Needs to Complete Training?

All Individualized Home Supports Workers providing direct support services to a Participant are required to complete Individualized Home Supports training. Payroll model Workers are exempt from this training. The Training Module List describes all provided modules for both orientation and annual training.

Orientation Training
If you are in the hiring process as a new Worker or rehired Worker, you will receive training instructions for orientation training in your "Date of Hire" notice from PICS Human Resources. Please review the Orientation Training Manual for more information.

Annual Training
If you are a current Worker who was hired before October this year, you will receive training instructions for the Annual Training on October 1st from PICS Human Resources. Please review the Annual Training Manual for more information.


Why Do I Need to Complete Training?

As a Worker providing services to the Participant under Minnesota Licensed Services (245D), you must complete a set number of hours for training. Minnesota Licensed Services wants to ensure that all staff providing direct support comprehend policies and procedures. The specific annual training has been pre-assigned. If you think you've been assigned the wrong training, please contact us.


How Do I Complete Training?

Individualized Home Supports training is completed online by going to the College of Direct Supports website.
All eligible Individualized Home Supports Workers must log onto the site with their assigned login name and password. Once logged on, the home page will indicate their assigned training. The training can be completed in one sitting or over time. It can be completed on your computer, tablet or smart phone. Please see below for further instructions for logging on and taking the lessons.

  • Login name: first initial, last name and last four digits of Social Security number (example: JSmith1234)
  • Password: hello

NOTE: Do not change the password. It must remain “hello.”


When is Training Due?

Orientation Training
Orientation Training is due two months after your Date of Hire. You will receive the specific due date in your Date of Hire notice from PICS Human Resources.

Annual Training
Annual Training is due on October 31st every year.

If PICS Human Resources hasn't received your completed training by the given due date, you cannot provide direct support services to the Participant until your training is complete.


Will I Get Paid for Training?

Training reimbursement is optional. To be reimbursed, you must submit a manual timesheet indicating completed training hours. The timesheet cannot be submitted through the portal because they are not paid through the Participant's budget. You can be reimbursed for your required number of training hours. The training rate is applicable to minimum wage.


Accessing the Training Website

  1. Go to the Online Training website.
  2. When you reach the login screen, enter your login name and the password (hello).
    • Your login name is your first initial, last name and last four digits of your social security number. Ex: JSmith1234
    • Use the password hello to log onto the training website. Please do not change this password when prompted.
  3. The first time you login, you will see the Registered User Agreement. Read the agreement and check the agree box to continue on to the training website.
  4. You will be directed to your personal learner page, where you can check on your assignments and enrollments. You can view your lessons, transcripts and enrollment from here.


Completing Lessons on the Training Website

View the lesson and take the test to complete the lesson. 

Viewing the Lesson

  1. Click the View button next to My eLearning Lessons.
  2. Click on the name of the lesson you wish to begin.
  3. Click the Start the Lesson button and the lesson will begin.

Note: Lessons include a voiceover so speakers will be necessary to hear the narration.

Taking the Test

  1. After you finish viewing the lesson, close the lesson window and return to the lessons page.
  2. Click the name of the lesson to reopen the lesson.
  3. Click the Take the Test button.