Worker FAQs

Worker Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why does PICS run background checks?

The Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS) requires background checks for all Workers who provide direct support for vulnerable adults and minors. A disqualifying offense is defined by DHS. The Representative is only notified if the Worker has been approved or has been disqualified.  If there is a disqualifying offense, the Worker will be notified by a mailed letter. The Worker must stop working once the Representative is made aware of the disqualification.

Should the Worker wish to contest the results, they may complete a new background study with fingerprints by contacting DHS or the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension. PICS will not pay for this additional process. Our background study forms are available under Worker Forms or you can request them by contacting us.

How does my Representative change my wage?

To change a Worker's wage, the Representative and Worker must complete a Status Change Form and submit it to PICS at The Worker's wage change must be approved by the Participant's Service Coordinator to ensure compliance with the service plan, and State and Federal guidelines.

What should I do if there is a change in my personal information?

If you have a change in contact information, please complete the Update Personnel File Form.
If you have a change in wage rate or name, please complete the Status Change Form. This form can be submitted to PICS at 

Can I be employed if I am a minor?

The minimum age to be hired as a direct support professional is 14 years old. However, you will need to follow the Child Labor Standards Act regulations. The Child Labor Standards Act specifies when and how long a minor can work per day or per week. If you have any questions about the minor employment laws, please contact us.

How can I receive a copy of my pay stubs?

If you have not received your pay stub by email or mail, please contact us.

Pay stubs are automatically emailed to you every payroll period if you provided PICS with an email address. Workers who have not provided an email address will receive pay stubs by mail.

Can I receive paper checks?

Workers can only receive payment through direct deposit or the ADP TotalPay debit card.

If you request direct deposit, but don't submit a bank document or you don't submit a Payment Options Form once you've been hired, our Payroll Department will automatically mail you the ADP TotalPay debit card. You can submit a bank document and switch to direct deposit at any time.

How do I activate my debit pay card account or edit my card information?

To activate your service and set your pin, please call 1.866.402.1237.

Once you activate:

  1. Sign the back of your card.
  2. Read your Quick Start Guide or the FAQ page on the Money Network website.
  3. Download the Money Network mobile app.

For more information, visit or call the Money Network Customer Service line at 1.866.402.1237.

Am I eligible for Paid Time Off (PTO)? How do I use my PTO hours?

PTO is offered for Workers under the Payroll model. It is not available for Personal Supports Workers.

You are eligible to use PTO hours once you have worked at least 600 hours after July 1, 2015. You accrue one hour of PTO for every 43 hours worked. Your total number of PTO hours is listed on your pay stub. If you have not received your pay stub, please contact us.

To use any of your PTO hours, please complete the Time Off Request Form and submit it to PTO hours must also be approved by the Representative.

If you're a Representative and Worker working 40 hours a week, you can take the PTO above and beyond the 40 hours. It will not count as overtime.


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