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Submit Timesheets, View Spending Summaries & More - Quickly & Easily

online portal

NOW LIVE! Workers are required to approve their timecard via email before PICS can process payment—please allow enough time for approval and processing.

Representatives have access to PICS' password-protected online portal. The online portal is available 24/7 so you can take the following actions, anytime and anywhere. You’ll get an instant confirmation notice by email with any submission.

  • Submit timesheets
  • Submit expense reimbursements
  • Submit mileage
  • View spending summaries

Online Portal Process

Completing Timecards in 5 Easy Steps

Completing Timecards is Just 5 Easy Steps


Online Portal Training Video & Training Manual

Watch the video below about the timecard approval process, or download the training manual.


Frequently Asked Questions

Have the payroll deadlines changed?

  • No, timecards are still due by Wednesday at noon in the portal.
  • Please allow enough time before the deadline for the Worker to approve their timecard.
  • Any timecard approved by a worker after the deadline will be not be paid according to the normal payroll schedule.

What if the Worker doesn't have an email?

  • Manual timecards will need to be submitted until the Worker provides an email address.
  • Contact us if you need help with this process.

How do I know if the Worker doesn’t have an email?

You can view the Worker’s contact information on the portal homepage.

Can I share an email with another person?

  • No, each Worker must have their own unique email.
  • You cannot share an email address with another person in PICS’ system.

If a timecard is rejected, will the Worker still be paid?

  • No, the timecard would be sent back to the Representative to review.
  • If revisions are approved by the deadline, it may be processed according to the payroll schedule.

What happens if the Worker never receives the email to approve or reject the timecard?

The Representative can resend the email to the Worker by clicking the “Resend” link on the timecard.

Does the Representative or Worker need to retain hard copies of the timecards?

No, PICS will now store the paper or electronic copy of the timecard and it can be requested as necessary.

Setting Up an Online Portal Account

You will only need one username and password to log in to the portal. For more information, contact your Service Coordinator.

If you have any questions or need additional help, please contact us at 651.967.5060 or