April 2022 News

Apr 6
Linda Tedford was a single parent of two young children who worked full-time when she first learned about PICS (Partners in Community Supports), a subsidiary of Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota (LSS). “I didn’t realize that there were options for me to actually have people who were in my family as paid caregivers for my son Chris,” recalled Linda.

March 2022 News

January 2022 News

Jan 27
Describing self-directed services to those unfamiliar with them can be a challenge. It helps to hear directly from families who use them to understand the positive impact self-directed services can have in their lives.
PICS self-directed services video thumbnail
Jan 27
We love finding new ways to connect with our community and are excited to launch our new quarterly PICS E-newsletter. In this newsletter you will find the latest updates at PICS, ways to connect with us on social media, a spotlight of another service of Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota, upcoming events, and other exciting news from PICS, like our advocacy and anti-racism work.
PICS e-newsletter
Jan 24
PICS (Partners in Community Supports) formed the Anti-Racism Work Group (ARWG) in 2020 with the mission to uncover, interrupt and dismantle systems of oppression as we encounter them in our work.

October 2021 News

Oct 25

The United States Postal Service (USPS) is currently experiencing significant delays in mail processing and delivery. We want to make sure you are aware of these delays and the impact they may have on you. For example, if you mail your timecard to PICS, this could result in you or your Workers getting paid late.

PICS would like to minimize the impact felt by our customers as much as possible, and, with these delays in mind, we wanted to share alternate ways to get your important documents to PICS:

Open Mailbox