PICS Community Resource Guide [new, clear and comprehensive]

Wednesday, August 02, 2023

Make life easier with these essential community resourcesCommunity resource guide

As a family advocate for PICS (Partners in Community Supports), I understand the importance of community resources in ensuring a fulfilling and comfortable life for those with disabilities. It can be challenging to navigate the complex system of services and supports available, especially when you’re not sure where to start.

To help make things easier for individuals and families, we have created a free, comprehensive 40-page Community Resource Guide filled with community resources throughout Minnesota.

Minnesota is home to a wide range of community resources that offer support, services and advocacy for people with disabilities and older adults. Here are several essential resources to get you started, and the complete list of resources can be found in our guide.


Disability Hub MN

This resource provides information and referrals for people with disabilities and their families and caregivers. They offer a variety of services, including assistance with housing, education, employment, transportation and healthcare.


The Arc Minnesota

The Arc provides individuals with disabilities and their families with information, assistance and education. is a directory of local services and providers that enable older adults and individuals with disabilities to remain in their own homes and communities.


Minnesota Department of Human Services

The Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS) provides services for adults, children, families, people with disabilities and older adults.


How to receive our free, comprehensive Community Resource Guide

Community resources play a vital role in supporting individuals with disabilities and older adults in Minnesota. By accessing these resources, individuals can receive assistance in a range of areas, from health care and therapies to social, recreational and programs for well-being.

Our guide includes information on the resources listed above, as well as many additional local organizations and nonprofits that provide support and services for people with disabilities and older adults. To receive a copy of the PICS Community Resource Guide, please email us to request an emailed copy.

Written by Jessica Girard, Family Advocacy and Outreach Manager