Introducing a new logo for PICS!

Monday, June 12, 2017

PICS has been a trusted fiscal support entity since 1999, helping individuals across the state of Minnesota manage their self-directed and licensed personal support services. Along the way, we’ve continued improving and modernizing our systems and services – including simplifying our processes to make things easier for participants, managing parties, and community partners including case managers and support planners. 

As a statewide leader in self-directed care, we felt it was time to update and modernize our brand to reflect who we are today.

This new logo gives power to the work we do. It keeps our identity fresh and relevant, reflecting efforts to adapt and grow as your needs change while never losing sight of our track record of excellence. The plum color connects us with our past, while the C and S in PICS combine to form an infinity symbol – the adopted symbol of neurodiversity and disability rights movements. The infinity symbol is also a reminder that PICS is here to help. We understand our participants are infinitely unique, with unique needs. 

PICS is here for you.