Submitting Expenses

Follow these guidelines for submitting expenses to PICS. 


Attach Receipts to Expense Reports 

Acceptable Receipts

For expenses to be approved, receipts or invoices must be attached to PICS expense reports. A receipt or invoice must have:

  • Date of service or purchase that falls within the service recipient’s service year as listed on the budget and the Service Agreement
  • Item purchased
  • Cost
  • Method of payment

PICS cannot accept receipts that show other government funds were used as payment, such as Food Stamps and SNAP.

No Receipt?

In cases where you do not have a receipt or invoice for an expense, please contact your Service Coordinator.


Submit Expenses Monthly

All expenses must be submitted to PICS within 11 months of the date of purchase in order to be eligible for reimbursement.


Purchase Requests

Representatives can submit purchase requests to their service coordinator to purchase items approved in the support plan on their behalf.


Third Party Vendors

All reimbursements will be written and sent to Representatives unless otherwise indicated. If a check should be written to or sent to a different party, please indicate this in the space provided on the PICS expense report form.

  • One expense report form is needed for each payee -- submit separate expense report forms if reimbursement to more than one party is requested.
  • Expense report forms can only include expenses related to one Service Agreement year -- submit separate expense reports if expenses cover more than one Service Agreement year.


Online Portalonline portal icon

The portal is a quick and easy way to submit timesheets, expenses, and mileage and to view your spending summary at your convenience. Access the portal.